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About: Sobre


Carlisandia is a singer/songwriter from Portugal. Her music is a blend of mainstream bubble gum Pop and 80's dreamy and nostalgic vibes. Darker sounds and lyrics reflect her deepest personal desires and fears that hopefully can resonate and help people who've been through the same experiences. Life has to be lived without fear of the unknown and with freedom to express ourselves. This is evident in the way that she lays her thoughts through her lyrics about understanding our psychology as complex human beings and the world around us that, even though is scary and hard on everyone, still has a lot to offer and celebrate with upbeat and fun instrumentals.

After years of neglecting her biggest dream of starting her music career, "New", her first single that came out on March 2021, was the perfect start to her career. It's an anthem for letting go of our fears and insecurities and embracing new love and experiences in life. On September 10th, she released 'Under the Moonlight', her 2nd single and first collab with André Sancho, a chill pop song with lyrics that make us reflect, while also being full of hope.


Her newest single: 'CRY IN THE CLUB' (her second collab with André Sancho) is a Dark Pop song, produced by HaydenMakesMusic, inspired by 2000s artists like: t.A.T.u. and current artists like Kim Petras and Lady Gaga. An Electro Pop hit about trying to forget our problems and insecurities. About crying in the club, not feeling good enough and how ridiculous we look to be so sad in such a happy place. With this song, the artists hope people can relate to the lyrics but also dance and have fun (even if they're crying ahah).

Soon, she's planning on releasing her 2nd solo single: a nostalgic song, inspired by the 80s and within her first song's vibe.



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