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'Loverboy' Out Now !

Hayden N. feat. Carlisandia


Carlisandia and André Sancho, two emerging pop artists from Portugal found each other on Tiktok a few months ago. They quickly discovered they shared the same vision and passion for music. 'Under the Moonlight', their first collab, represents friendship, freedom and having power over our decisions and destiny. The dreamy piano and angelical synths and vocals take us to another place where we feel at ease and we know that in the middle of all the chaos there's always a way out and a helping hand.



"New" was born in the middle of a creative block and a pandemic where two people fell in love. This song is about the uncertainty that comes before that and the discovery of ourselves and our ability to love. "(...)but I'm scared to break my walls, it's all so new. But I'd like to try, I'll give it a try". Even though it's a new and somewhat scary feeling they are ready to open up their hearts. Both the lyrics and the instrumental convey a bittersweet feeling through the highs and lows of the rythmic and melodic sections. Dreamy synths and backing vocal harmonies contrast with the funky bass and fast percussion to create a "crying in the club" track worthy of a replay.

Short Biography

Carlisandia is a singer/songwriter from Portugal. Her music is a blend of mainstream bubble gum Pop and 80's dreamy and nostalgic vibes. Darker sounds and lyrics reflect her deepest personal desires and fears that hopefully can resonate and help people who've been through the same experiencies. Life has to be lived without fear of the unknown and with freedom to express ourselves. This is evident in the way that she lays her thoughts through her lyrics about understanding our psychology as complex human beings and the world around us that, even though is scary and hard on everyone, still has a lot to offer and celebrate with upbeat and fun instrumentals.

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